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About Us

If you’ve clicked through to this page it’s because you already know or are beginning to sense that you’re part of the greatest wake up call that humanity has ever experienced.

In our digital age of the 21st century, we are now seeing an unprecedented pace of change.  The level of global visibility and connectivity we’ve created brings with it a new level of awareness and empathy of ourselves, of other people and of the world around us.

As such, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the current state of humanity and of our planet. As we continue to overpopulate, overspend, compete, pollute and fight, more and more of us are beginning to see and feel that we are edging ourselves closer to an inevitable breaking point.

If you’re one of these people, then after 14 billion years of evolutionary transformation (from a single cell to multiple cells and from fish, to animals, to humans), here’s what we know…….

“When a system reaches a chaos point, it is launched irreversibly on a new trajectory that leads either to breakdown or breakthrough.” – Ervin Laslo

In short, Nature doesn’t hit chaos and stop; instead it consistently takes jumps to evolve itself. And humanity is no exception.

As the first species to be able to see ourselves in the context of this bigger evolutionary picture, we therefore find ourselves standing at a new threshold in human history; the first age of Conscious Evolution.

So, standing here, face-to-face with the simultaneous possibility of global crisis and global opportunity, WE now have a choice over how our own evolutionary story plays out.

Do we choose to continue to use our uniquely human gifts as self-centered tools of dominance and destruction, or instead use them to co-create the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible?

Evolution Is An Inside Job

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Just as our civilization is in transition between stories, so too are many of us individually. After all, the energy that needs to be changed in the world is the same energy that exists within each of us.

If you’re still reading this, then perhaps, like so many of us, you too have been experiencing some kind of inner recalibration characterized by unexpected endings and/or new beginnings, a calling to discover and serve a meaningful purpose or to join with others in co-creating a new and better world.

In this way, what we’re now experiencing is not about creating more outward or material “success”, seeking to triumph over “evil institutions” or creating a mass movement in which we must change hundreds of millions of people outside of us. Rather, it is a deeply personal experience of awakening for each of us.

“If enough people start mending their true nature in the incredibly interconnected world we’re creating, the cumulative effect could begin healing the true nature of, well, everything”
– Martha Beck

And whilst our individual process of self-evolution may appear far removed from global circumstances, as the practice of turning our attention inward is fast becoming the “new norm” for millions of people around the globe, we begin to experience something unexpected…

We begin to feel that we are participating in something far larger than ourselves; something that seems to have a momentum and intelligence of its own…

That “something” is a global Conscious Revolution

Why Now Is The Time

Up until now, this journey has, for many of us, been a lonely journey. The early visionaries, catalysts and change-makers had no safe space to go to find trusted guidance, support or the other members of our tribe. And let’s face it, human beings are social animals; we all need allies to connect with who can reinforce that we’re not in fact crazy after all.

But now we are no longer alone.

For the first time in human history we are able to bring together all of our human wisdom, know-how, technology and innovation and make it accessible to everyone around the globe. We also have the ability to find and connect with our tribe no matter where we are in the world.

So Where Do You Begin?

It all starts with knowing who you are.

By keenly observing the experiences of hundreds of people waking up around the globe, we noticed consistent trends within many of their experiences. From this we created a set of 6 “Avatars” that each represents a tribe within the larger global evolutionary community.

The Avatars neatly encapsulate the typical thoughts, feelings and behaviors most often experienced by each tribe as they engage in their self-evolution journey. We then designed and created powerful evolutionary pathways outlining a step-by-step process for each Avatar that brings together the collective wisdom of the world’s leading evolutionary experts from around the globe.

So, by simply taking the Avatar Assessor to learn which of the Avatars most closely represents who and where you are today, you will know exactly where to start and what to do on your journey of self-evolution.

Conscious Changes Quality Assurance

Oh, and to ensure your path is not only clear but also safe, empowering and professionally supported, Conscious Changes has created the first and ONLY quality assurance standard in the field of Human Evolution.

At Conscious Changes, all the processes, practices and people that are featured on your path have been personally experienced and assessed for authenticity, effectiveness and commitment to conscious evolution. Those that meet or surpass this standard are referred to as The Catalysts and are awarded the “Acorn” symbol to signal their credibility. This helps you evaluate information quickly, and only work with the very best people and material available.

So…The Big Question

Now that you know what you know, we invite you to ask yourself this:

What if we are currently standing at a tipping point and the Conscious Revolution needs the weight of just one more person taking one more step to tip the balance?

Take the FREE Avatar Assessor today?

How willing would you be to?


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