What is an Avatar?

An avatar is a virtual representation of you.

The use of the word avatar has been around for centuries, and is defined as:

“The embodiment of a person or idea, a graphical representation of a person or character,” OR in Hinduism “An incarnate divine teacher” (thanks Wiki!)

For our purpose here and now, we are defining an avatar as a person for whom we are creating our business, our content and our services, to solve the confusion, pain points and fill the informational void they are currently experiencing.

Conscious Changes has identified six separate Avatars that recognize and encapsulate the typical thoughts, feelings and behaviours that most often arise through the various stages following the awakening experience. We discovered them because for years and years we kept meeting people who were just like them.

What is the Avatar Assessor?

The Avatar Assessor is an effective tool to support you in discovering who and where you are right now in your life. By acknowledging where you are you can begin your journey of personal transformation based on the type of thoughts, feelings and behaviours you’re currently experiencing.

Click here to take the Avatar Assessor

What criteria is Conscious Changes using to determine Quality Assurance?

The key areas that we look at when determining whether resources meet the Conscious Changes standards of quality assurance are:

Aptitude and authenticity as a presenter/teacher/creator

Attention to basic logistics in the service provider’s business

The clarity and quality of any content

How much it/they deliver on their marketing promises

For a more comprehensive list of the criteria that our Catalysts are assessed against, please click here. [NOTE: this will link to a page where the criteria is listed]

What is a Catalyst?

Catalysts are leading international service providers in the field of Human Potential who are:

Intentional about individual and/or organizational transformation and raising global consciousness; committed to walking their talk; and exude a very special quality in their being.

Since beingness is a quality that must be felt or sensed, it is often only discernible in the connection between (two or more) people. It’s for that very reason that Conscious Changes is committed to ensuring that all Catalysts’ gifts and talents are personally experienced and assessed against a set of key competencies including (most importantly) authenticity and effectiveness, to ensure that we maintain the Acorn standard of quality assurance.

In this way, each of the Catalysts contribute their power and presence to catalyze conscious change at an individual and global level.

For a more comprehensive list of the criteria that our Catalysts are assessed against please click here. [NOTE: this will link to a page where the criteria is listed]

Why did you choose the Acorn?

We were incredibly moved and inspired by the analogy of the acorn offered by Derek Rydall in his book Emergence:

“The great oak starts as an acorn, a small seed that we’d never expect to bring forth such a mighty expression, capable of living for generations…….Yet packed inside that tiny seed is the invisible pattern perfectly designed to become the oak – and not just one oak, but offspring that could become forests of oak spanning eons. Inside that almost miniscule seed is infinite, eternal potential.

The same is true for you.

Just as a single acorn contains endless forests, the seed of your being contains all the ideas, contribution and impact your life will ever make – and the ripple effect your life has and will have on the world around you. All it takes is the right conditions for its emergence.”

So we decided to use the Acorn symbol to illustrate which people, processes and practices are quality assured to provide the conditions that will catalyze your own personal transformation.

What has this all got to do with “Conscious Change”?

The only true constant in life is change, so Conscious Change occurs when we choose to intentionally use the experiences of change in our lives as an opportunity to grow and become more aligned with the power and Truth of who we are.

Rather than being a singular event (e.g. limited to the awakening itself), it is an ongoing conscious evolution, characterized by continuously expanded states of self-awareness. It is through this commitment to our continued growth that we are able to become the architects of our experience and create the lives we really want to live.


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