Anna’s Journey


Anna Margolis

Luminous Leader and Enlightened Entrepreneur

Anna Margolis is a rare being who commands a lightning mind, an enormous open heart and a raw and authentic willingness to continually breakthrough her own limitations.

Starting out her journey with a highly successful and prestigious 6-year career in the UK and US as an International Labour Lawyer, Anna witnessed hundreds of organisations reactively undergoing costly restructurings and redundancy exercises. After seeing thousands of experienced and talented people lose their jobs and tens of millions of dollars wasted, she concluded that there simply had to be a smarter way to run our enterprises.

Leaving the law to explore what insights the most cutting edge coaching and leadership techniques could offer, her first step was becoming the London Programme Director for the No.1 internationally accredited, professional coach training institution, licensing the rights to establish the first operation outside of N.America.

 Through her work training 200+ people from over 50 different countries, Anna gained experience as a catalyst for conscious transformation, held space in oftentimes deeply sensitive group dynamics and, on the operational side, developed a proven track record of conscious entrepreneurship.

One of Anna’s gifts is her rare ability to think holistically around a global vision, seeing all the people, systems and processes needed to accomplish it. In a fraction of a second she can spot an opportunity and how it can successfully be brought to fruition by leveraging and supporting one another collaboratively.

Through her experience running a professional coach training programme, focussed largely on the development of human consciousness, Anna noticed a growing desire amongst many bright, ambitious and outwardly successful people, to consciously know and authentically express the Truth of who they are.

When she saw this pattern emerging, she sensed extraordinary potential for a collaborative solution; one where every person’s unique gift fits seamlessly into a unified whole that powerfully surpasses the sum of its parts.

Conscious Changes is therefore the manifestation of this global vision; to embody a discerning, values based and collaborative approach, to creating a credible and openhearted network and community, committed to a more authentic and intentional way of being.

This vision is already powerfully uniting and attracting hundreds of the world’s most gifted, authentic and highly conscious coaches, holistic practitioners. These experienced experts are coming together in heart-felt service and synergy to co-create a credible, safe and trusted space for self-exploration, self-discovery and emergence into authentic self-expression.

Anna is someone who is dedicated to consistently living through the journey of conscious transformation herself, often stretching far beyond the reaches of her comfort zone. With her big heart and even bigger vision, Anna blazes the trail for authentic individuals around the world who are committed to making the necessary changes to embody their passion and purpose.

As a luminous leader Anna radiates with a deep-rooted passion for this ideal that’s both authentic and irresistible. Her ability to energetically articulate the vision, combined with an unstoppable drive to create a dynamic infrastructure, strategic direction and specific steps for how it can be collectively achieved,continue to inspire the hearts and minds of individuals and groups across the globe.

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